The Good Morning Nags Put In The Work

The Good Morning Nags

To become good at anything takes a lot of practice. That statement is true in everything but is truly evident in music. For a band, it takes time working together to achieve that cohesiveness needed to create great music. Finding opportunities to perform is essential. The hardest working bands will do what it takes to make their dreams happen. Our recent discovery The Good Morning Nags has put in the work and is now ready to reap the benefits.


The six-piece band is based in New York City where they craft a unique country folk sound with a touch of classic Appalachian Bluegrass thrown in. The original members of The Good Morning Nags got together while studying acting at the University of Evansville. After being cast in different plays together due to the need for musicians, a brotherhood formed and they continued making music after the last curtain fell.


As graduation came, the group split up and went on their separate paths. By 2015 though they all ended up in NYC and put the band back together with 2 additional members from the local music scene. Instead of fighting for gigs in the venues around town, The Good Morning Nags hit the streets, literally. They busked all over NYC from Central Park to subway platforms. Through hundreds of performances, they fused their unique sound with rock star personas that drew in tons of rabid fans.


On February 1st, The Good Morning Nags are releasing their self-titled EP. The 7 track record featuring three original tunes and four fresh adaptations furthers the band’s unique style. The opener “Sugar Baby” builds to a raucous toe-tapping jam that will pull in even the fan who had no idea they liked Appalachian bluegrass. Minds will open.



There is a hypnotic tone to the plucked and bowed strings of “Blackberry Bush.” With a tinge of Irish music thrown into this one, there is no way for someone listening to it to remain still. This is music to make you dance.

The Good Morning Nags Make Music To Dance To

The tone changes on “Love Like No Other” to a slowed down ballad that pours emotion through beautifully sung vocals. Thoughts will arise and relatability will flourish. On “I Wish My Baby Was Born” there is more emotion poured out. This one hits more of the folk genre.


The EP closes on a more joyous note with “Good Morning Girl.” The instruments perk up the energy and a female vocal adds to the energy. It is a theme song of sorts as The Good Morning Nags tell of some inspiration for the name.


This is one you will not know you like until you give it a full listen. I recommend you do just that. Check out The Good Morning Nags WEBSITE for more music and news.