Celebrate ‘Bic’s Birthday’ with Kody Nielsen

Kody Nielsen

Kody Nielsen’s “Bic’s Birthday” is magical and I’m not in opposition of this unique instrumental replacing the traditional birthday song.

Visionary Classical-Hip Hop Fusion

Nielsen shared the single in honor of New Zealand artist Bic Runga, and on her birthday, January 13th. (Happy belated, Bic!) The single comes ahead of new record Birthday Suite, due later this year. Nielsen is known as one of New Zealand’s most vital musicians, and after listening to Bic’s Birthday, it’s not hard to see why.

A blend of whimsical, classical edge, “Bic’s Birthday” makes the kind of impression in two minutes that is perfect to make. It wastes no time. Making every second count and carry purpose is part of this tune’s impact. The composure of the beginning is simple and dark, almost brooding. Immediately, the tone shifts and the different elements saunter in both ears. There’s a cool violin happening throughout that carries the song. Timpani and drum sounds add a layer of hip hop influence, reminding audiences of how fun the tune is. At some points, an organ floats in for that extra baroque-like depth.

The Lasting Effect of Kody Nielsen’s Work

“Bic’s Birthday” is extremely regal while keeping an enchanted, fun flair. The instruments blend together with a bit of a hazy twinge. Tied together with synth and smooth switches, the production makes way for bright splashes. Bells make an appearance every now and then, bringing that cheerfulness factor way up.

With all of this happening within a couple hundred seconds, it’s easy to say that Kody Nielsen knows how to make an impression. Having a background in a multitude of genres, from Afrobeat to Italo Disco, experimentation is definitely one of the artist’s strengths. The incredible way the producer is able to work sounds into something completely innovative has won him several accolades in New Zealand. Singer songwriter Bic Runga frequently collaborates with Nielsen, and the record Birthday Suite is due out May 9.

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