‘The Message is Clear’ With Calling For Eden

August 28, 2021 indie rock/funk rock band Calling For Eden will be celebrating the 1 year anniversary of their second album titled The Message is Clear

Calling For Eden is an indie rock/funk rock band based out of the Dallas – Fort Worth Metropolitan Area of Texas.The band consists of Casey King (lead vocals, guitar), Zach Braidwood (backup vocals, bass guitar), Cliff Hurd (keyboard, synthesizers), and Chuck Mallory (saxophone, trombone). 

Before Calling For Eden, lead vocalist Casey King was in a project called Last Call. Fusing that project together with the help of a newly implemented horn section and his music industry connections, Calling For Eden was born and quickly rose to fame in the DFW local scene. 

Something I find really cool about the band’s gigs is that they hire freelance for drums and brass. It’s awesome that they give local musicians the chance to jam with them live. 

The Message is Clear is Calling For Eden’s second studio album and was recorded at Empire Sound Studios in Dallas, Texas. 

“The recording process for our albums has been a blast; having met our lead audio engineer Matt Kennedy at Empire Sound has streamlined the creative process and made us all better!”, says Calling For Eden.

The Message is Clear features 12 unique songs, each with a sound of their own. With so much diversity flowing throughout the album, there’s a little bit of something for everyone! 

Listen to ‘The Message is Clear’ Here:

After listening to the album multiple times, I’m definitely digging it. My initial reaction was very positive right from the start. 

The blend of instrumentation and lyricism in the songs blends perfectly together, and that horn section was such a great addition to the band. 

While I really enjoyed the funkiness of every song on The Message is Clear, I think the standout tracks for me were “Back To The Beat” and “Everybody Everyone.” 

“Back To The Beat ” won a spot in my standout tracks for its instrumentation. The horn section automatically grabbed my attention and I found myself moving along to that song the most. 

“Everybody Else” won a spot in my standout tracks for its instrumentation as well but more importantly its lyricism. The song is about trying to bring people together and spread love rather than hate. 

That’s one thing that I really love about The Message is Clear. All the songs are an explosion of positivity, inclusivity, and good vibes, which I’m all for!

“We are trying to spread a message of unity with the music. There is no hatred or division in our lyrics or in the melody; everything is meant to bring people together for a fun and festive experience”, says Calling For Eden.

If you’re looking for an album with great instrumentation and lyricism or just something new to vibe out to, then I highly suggest giving The Message is Clear by Calling For Eden a listen! 

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