Tough On Fridays showcases a different side with ‘Daisy’

Tough On Fridays

Tough On Fridays are getting closer to the release upcoming album The Encore You Didn’t Ask For. Caleigh (guitar/vocals), Carly (bass/vocals), and Chris Schreck (studio/touring drummer) have already delivered a taster of what to expect with their EP Overboard! With it, they offered an impressive mix of sounds, including alt-rock, indie, and grunge. But in a way that has won them over an army of fans. A great example of this is the title track from the EP. 

Now to the present. The trio have released a new glimpse of what the album will offer with “Daisy”. They describe it as “coming on like an indie-acoustic ballad, the minimal strumming leaves the space wide open to appreciate the vocals. Both in terms of what they have to say, but more so the atmosphere and emotion that they cast across the song. Slow dynamic steps are taken, and then finally, all caution is thrown to the wind, and you find yourself faced with their wall of noise sonic onslaught”. Personally, it also describes the range of moods and tempos that their music as a whole can deliver. Tough On Fridays don’t let any boundaries restrict their creativity. 

Premiere of “Daisy” by Tough On Fridays

“Daisy” opens up with Caleigh’s gentle guitar before the lyrics come into play. They begin with, “You are drugs on a silver plate / And daisies on a single grave / But drugs only do so much / And in the end, it’s never enough”. Like the music, the delivery of the words is soft and makes the listener sit back and take it all in. It is a credit to how they share their stories, as they have already highlighted throughout all their previous releases. 

As the song hits the midway point, there is a shift in the musical landscape. After the lines, “I’ve always preferred daisies / And I’ve been thinking maybe / That I could be your daisy / It’s just a thought though maybe?”, they unleash the noise. The trio intensify the mood with a grunge rock sound. It helps to give more of an impact to their words, “I’ve always preferred daisies / And I’ve been thinking maybe / You could be my daisy / Just a thought though baby?”. 

Tough On Fridays delivers a song of two sounds for their new single ‘Daisy’

As it approaches its final moments, they do so with the lines, “That you could be my daisy / My daisy / My daisy”. And then, the trio use their instruments to deliver a thunderous outro that leaves you wanting more. “Daisy” is a song of two halves and highlights the range in sound that Tough On Fridays has to offer. So far, all of their new tracks have been outstanding. Because of this, their album The Encore You Didn’t Ask For will be essential listening!

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