Tropico Don Looks Up To “Orion’s Belt”

Tropico Don

Music will remain inside of us until we let it out. There is no expiration date. We can not count the number of times we hear of a talented artist getting sidetracked by the daily grind of life. What gives us great joy is the stories of people who come back to their music later in life. The music begins to flood out of them as their life experiences have created tons of inspiration for great songs. This seems to be the case with our latest find Tropico Don.

The singer and songwriter based in London, England had big dreams of a music career as a child but life got in the way and she settled on a conventional career. She found a deep dissatisfaction throughout her 20s and embarked on a spiritual journey that led to Peru. This life-changing experience became the catalyst to return to music. Tropico Don was born. 

As happens with many late-starting artists, the music began to flow. Tropico Don says it best, “The music I kept locked away inside all of these years is now pouring out of me. It feels so good to be able to take that vulnerability I have always felt and be able to do something productive with it. 

Feel The Warmth Of Tropico Don

Now Tropico Don is ready to release her first song to the world in the form of “Orion’s Belt”. Right off the bat the beauty of the track hits you. The mesh of organic instruments crafting the melody feels truly authentic. Then add in the emotion-laden vocal style that Tropico Don brings to the table and the mood is complete. The drumbeat coming in at 1:30 adds a power punch to the track. It seems to keep expanding. There is a full layer of sound that seems to wash over the room providing a comfort to the listener. 

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