US Americans Journey The Progressive Punk Scene on Greatest Hits

US Americans

The underground NYC music scene is alive and well. Many bands around the country have moved to performing less and just putting their music online. Real music still needs to be experienced live in my opinion. I am glad to reside in NYC and even happier to have discovered the US Americans.


The foursome came together from different corners of the world to become a force in New York City. The acid-fueled, psychedelic punk music of US Americans hits the mark for anyone out there looking to experience something different with an edge. Catchy yet exotic.


The band is made up of Jeff Weiss – [Vocals/Guitar/Percussion], Emerson Williams – [Drums], Daniel Deychakiwsky – [Bass/Guitars], Roy Abraham – [Guitars]. Somehow these boys have become brothers in rock and go by the motto “Power Truth Brotherhood.”  This kinship is heard easily.


Last month, US Americans released their Greatest Hits record. It may seem early in a career to hear a greatest hits record but none of the dozen songs on the album disappointed us. Prepare yourself for a ride.


The opener “Playtime” sets the punk vibe with an energy that is undeniable. Weiss’ vocals come at you like a punch. The guitars create some unusual tones that set US Americans apart from the punk rock posers just regurgitating the same stale sounds.

US Americans Never Know Where They Will End Up.

We are taken on a ride with “Dance Song 17.” There is a funk element that will get heads to bob and feet to tap. The starts and stops keep the attention focused on where the group will go next. “Innocent Fools” gives us even more to chew on. These guys are supremely talented with their instruments with fills that rock. Here they create a party where everyone can join in and feel welcome.



US Americans go full progressive on the 7 and a half minute track “Fade Out.” Everyone has a turn as the feature with true talent in each section. Whirling guitars and pounding drums meet each other in the middle of some epic instrumental improvisation. I heard a little Tool influence here. This is continued on the slowed down groove rocker “King Someday.”


The raw punk energy makes a full return on “FCK The KGB” with a sped up grinding guitarfest. The vocals bring back that punk rock ethos as well. Even at under 2 minutes, this is what we needed to put some pep back into our step for the end of the record. The closer “Dentist Street” lets our pulse slow down so we can walk away without the shakes.


Bottom line: Greatest Hits by US Americans is highly recommended for a complete listen to anyone that appreciates all corners of experimental, psych, and punk music.


Keep up with more music and tour dates at USAMERICANS.COM.