Bohnes Gets Friendly with His Dark Side in His Newest Single


Bohnes is getting friendly with his dark side in his newest single “My Friends.”

The witty track is full of grungy guitar and enviable vocals. A Guitar Hero-worthy heavy metal phrase starts us out, followed by the wishful lyrics “I want to play God for a little.” Bohnes makes the decision to befriend his demons because he shares that “sometimes fighting against your demons is more self-destructive than learning to live with them.” He expresses his dark humor through his lyrics, talking of being best friends with his demons, sharing each others sweaters, and writing them letters.

All of His Demons are His Friends

Through the irony, Bohnes presents an important view of life. He shared that “My Friends” is about “accepting yourself for who you are… we all make bad decisions sometimes.” He brings up the idea of being aware of your past and your demons in order to become who you are today. Bohnes’ new image and career represents finding himself and delving further into who he really is as a musician.

Think You Recognize Bohnes? You’re Not Wrong

If you think you recognize the beautifully smooth and alluring vocals, you’re probably right. Alex DeLeon was originally the frontman of the widely known group The Cab. After The Cab trio broke up, DeLeon launched this new project. DeLeon created a new sound sound for himself, paired with an equally dark look, really embodying the whole facing your demons thing.

Since Bohnes’ first track “Guns and Roses” debuted in 2015, he’s released six tracks and a music video. In preparation for his upcoming album, DeLeon and his crew actually snuck into a deserted theme park from the ’60s in Japan to film the music video for the track “Six Feet Under”. Both “Six Feet Under” and “My Friends” will be featured on his debut album.

Each and every track Bohnes has released has been an authentically raw expression of DeLeon’s life experiences and thoughts. Through the dark humor, skeleton fascination, and songs about death, Bohnes is definitely not your average alt-pop artist. But, in the wise words of DeLeon himself, “How boring would it be to be normal?”

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