Vacation Take A Trip Down ‘Action Road’


The gritty basement punk band Vacation have just announced the release of their new LP Mouth Sounds #2699 along with the first single, “Action Road.” The band has roots in punk and rock n’ roll with a more primitive style of sound exploration accompanying energetic, catchy melodies.


There is something attractive about Vacation’s ability to turn an otherwise casual song into their own hell raising creation while remaining accessible to many listeners. Their somehow laid-back frantic antics are intoxicating.


The amount of energy exuding from “Action Road” is incredible. It does not stop or slow down for a second, a full blast, intensely fun song surely encouraging a dance. Their guitar playing is fast, loose, and very loud. A little acoustic guitar makes it onto the end for a nice touch too. While they are impressive, Dylan McCartney is an animal on drums. You can tell he is hitting as hard as possible and surprisingly clean during some interesting rhythmic changes.


Vacation Are Highly Energetic And Full Of Charm

Vacation’s previous music has the same sort of charm that “Action Road” does and, surely, it will be a mainstay on their upcoming album. This is a great, catchy song that sounds like a summer anthem setting itself on fire. The song also shows evidence of their pop influence, it being a total of two or so minutes and its repetitive melody. Jerri Queen is a powerhouse vocalist and songwriter. He shows a good range with strong singing and yelling. The band really complements each other well.


“Action Road” is an exciting first look at Mouth Sounds #2699. Vacation is a band that knows how to have a good time and the album is sure to please. It is to be released on July 27th via Let’s Pretend Records. The songs will be a great addition to your summer listening.

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