‘Only the Brave’ is the Latest Release from Rupert Stroud

Rupert Stroud

Last year saw the release of Rupert Stroud‘s EP Heart and Soul and with it, an evolution to his sound. Before then, he was known for his acoustic-driven songs. Now, he has spread his musical talents to deliver his own style of alternative rock. One thing that has not changed is his lyrical talents. He has always had a gift of shaping his words to create emotional and powerful moments.


This talent has seen him perform across the UK including many festival appearances. He has also supported acts such as JP Cooper, James Blunt, and Texas to name a few. His music has also been championed by UK radio stations such as BBC 6 Music and Amazing Radio.


“Only the Brave” sees the return of Stroud which is released through his own label Xidus Music. Inspired by his mixed ancestry, it continues his trend of using life experiences to create his stories.


He sets the stage for his new story by creating an atmosphere that is subtle in the way it invites you to listen. Each instrument is used sparsely but done effectively. It only changes during the chorus as drum beat becomes more prominent. It gives the line ‘We can’t wait / we can’t stay / Only The brave Only the brave’ more of an impact.


Speaking of his words, it is difficult not to admire this side of his songwriting talent. “Only the Brave” has a balance of detail, depth, and emotion within its lyrics. An example of this is the lines “Running cross oceans clean / telling stories where we’ve been / Greatest tales ever told / from the loved up boy and girl.”

‘Only the Brave’ is yet another great example of Rupert Stroud’s songwriting talent


“Only the Brave” is yet another impressive track but Stroud still has more to offer. He has 3 more singles to follow in June, July, and August of this year. Expect more captivating stories from this songwriter who creates with his heart on his sleeve.  

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