Venus Theory Gets Cinematic In Latest Nightwalker EP

Venus Theory

Musical duos hold a lot more power than we realize. In this type of group, it’s two minds working creatively together to make their own masterpieces. Illinois-based bass music duo Venus Theory does all of this while showcasing both their raw lyrics and awesome musicality. In their latest release the Nightwalker EP Pt. 1 (out October 5), Venus Theory talks life, love and loss in this very real way while giving their listeners an interesting musical experience.

The best part? Venus Theory bares it all while showcasing their incredibly unique sound.

Venus Theory Plays With Versatility

In fact, one of Venus Theory’s greatest strengths is the amount of versatility they give their listeners. This talented duo doesn’t just create music, they create their own cinematic moments and they do not disappoint.

On top of that the duo’s Alecia Gates gives us these searing lyrics like “Lay Down” with  “I don’t need your pity/ I don’t need you sacrifice/ There’s nothing left to say / You’ll never make this right” or “Afraid to Let Go” with “Every instinct that we had/ led us down this broken path/ can we find our way back home”. Venus Theory sings about the raw truth, which only adds to their dynamic sound.

Another great addition to Venus Theory is their incredible vocals from singer Gates. This combined with Cameron Gorham’s impressive production techniques, creates Venus’s fresh and innovative sound.

It’s consistent too, something you can see from Venus Theory’s starting track “Fire” which easily showcases Gates’s impeccable range through their last track “Heart Still Beating” where Gorham creates his own kind of soothing dubstep to close it out. Each song is this group’s funky brainchild that tells us their story while

This talented duo melds their talents together for their own little creation– powerhouse vocals with tranquil EDM – that can’t be ignored. With their chemistry and creativity they not only pioneer their own sound, but also produce an EP you can’t help listen to.

Nightwalker EP Pt. 1 releases October 5th. You can check out Venus Theory’s soundcloud here or keep up with them here.

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