Ojikae Releases R&B Masterpiece ‘Existentiality’


Ojikae has let us into his world of lust and heartbreak. His debut single, “Existentiality”, is soulful and pure. Italian-Australian Matt Cicero, aka Ojikae, is only 18 years old but is definitely ahead of his time when it comes to crafting music.

Cicero honestly sounds like a unique mixture of some of our favorite artists. From The Weeknd, Sam Smith, Charlie Puth, Chris Brown, to the newly broken up members of boyband powerhouse One Direction, he’s somehow captured all their goodness and combined them into what is now his own brand. He’s even added his own God-sent vibrato, pitch slurs, and surprisingly deep auto-tuned intro, adding mystery and anonymity.

Some would say Ojikae is an R&B prodigy, and who would disagree?

Through many years of vocal lessons and sheer talent, Ojikae has offically graced us with a chill beat, sensual lyrics, and complete vocal fearlessness.

Cicero explains that the track “represents a stage in my life where everything became clear and I knew what I wanted to do, and that was to write music about the rawest and most primitive of human emotions.”

Before officially dropping “Existentiality” as his first single, Cicero posted a demo to Soundcloud. It got so much attention that the Australian radio station called Soulection Radio even featured him. Since then, he’s been performing around Melbourne, his most recent show was on the 27th of August.

Ojikae is now working with Thank Guard, based in Melbourne. They are known to be culture specialists, as well as a well-known record label. With their help, Ojikae is “working tirelessly to produce something specifically designed to transcend the Australian music scene.”

At the age of 18, Matt Cicero has become more than just a teen. He sings of freedom, the development of free will, and of true, pure emotions. He also tells his listeners to stay tuned for more music to come, and we can’t wait.

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