Vernon Little Brings Us Back With “The Chance To Tell You”

Vernon Little

I recently had the pleasure of listening to the new EP “Double Minded” which included the hot new single “The Chance To Tell You” by Christian/Gospel/Rap/R&B/Soul artist Vernon Little. Vernon Little hails from the Bronx where he has been rapping and recording for the past 30 years. He is an extremely talented artist who really has something important to say. His new single is old-school and his rapping style flows freely, spitting positive messages about God in an inclusive, let’s make the world a better place vibe that I really loved. It was a pleasant surprise, and I highly recommend “The Chance To Tell You” as well as the entire EP “Double Minded.”


Little’s raps flow smoothly and freely and could be compared to greats like Biggie, NAS, Common, and LL Cool J. He also reminded me of Big Daddy Kane, not as much in style as in determination, and delivering a message you totally endorse and believe in. I think that being a rapper who raps about Holy Things can be a blessing and a curse, as many people do not want to be preached to, but Little does it in a totally non-aggressive and inclusive way, and I really think that if listeners just listen, they will become big fans.


The new single “The Chance To Tell You” and the whole EP “Double Minded” is worth a download to listen to on daily basis, especially on a day when you are down in the dumps. It is invigorating, fun, potent and a pleasure to listen to.  Being a pastor and a rapper is a great way to identify with your congregation in a modern way to deliver the message of God for all to hear. I know that when I was young and impressionable I would have loved having a pastor who was that hip and in tune with the world as we knew it at the time. What a blessing in itself that would have been.


Vernon Little’s new single “The Chance To Tell You” is really something to get behind. You can hear his 80’s musical roots, listening to the beats and the music to his rhyming style, which is old school, think Run DMC spreading the message of the gospel. That’s a cool thought, and Vernon little is a cool and talented artist. The song is a hip-hop celebration, with a great story, great message, cool rhymes, fab chorus, with great harmonies, and I think that if given the chance it could be a huge hit, albeit crossing over from a gospel single to mainstream hip-hop is unusual, I think real music lovers of the genre will find it inspirational, familiar in sound (taking you back to a wonderful time in music), and all around an enjoyable listen. Support great indie artists and download your copy of “The Chance To Tell You” today, it is a great addition to everyone’s music library.


Find more music by Vernon Little on JANGO.


     -review by James Stewart

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