Victims Of Circumstance Releasing Fifth Album “Five”

Florida based band Victims of Circumstance is a punk and  ska infused band with infectious energy to match!

Their band started in 2005 with vocalist and guitarist Michael Smyth and drummer Glenn Stewart. Already set with an arsenal of original music, they started pulling people to establish a complete band. This is when saxophonist Jay Atheney, bassist Lindsey Pittard, and trumpet player Devin Johnson were brought on board and Victims of Circumstance was born!

On January 24th of this year, they will be releasing their fifth full length album FIVE! They recently released their single off that album titled “Sober” which you can give a listen to at the link down below!

“Sober” is a tremendous release off the new album because of its high energy, so I knew I would not be disappointed!  The mix of an alternative rock playing style with the use of stacked harmonies in the horn section made for a sleek and balanced listen. The bass part cuts through the mix well, but is not overbearingly dominant over the other instruments. Each musician made a point to give their peers their moment to highlight their talents, like with the balance in vocal harmonies and saxophone solo.

I also appreciated the balance and harmony between the vocalist and the rest of the band. There were a lot of intricate  musical moments that could have been overshadowed with the vocals, but they didn’t let that happen. The musical breakdown in the bridge added so much texture to the rest of the song that was exceptionally executed!

Be sure to keep up with Victims of Circumstance on all of their social media pages, and let them know what you think of the new album!

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