Bludgers Gives Us More With ‘FIVE’


Sometimes it takes a lifetime to find the time to record and release the music that a band wishes to. Life gets in the way but music will always survive. It has taken a while for the now multi-continental veteran band Bludgers to get their music to the world but it is now coming fast with their newest EP FIVE.

The band originally formed in Champaign, Illinois playing one of their first gigs with indie stalwarts Uncle Tupelo. Now the members of Bludgers are spread around the world but the glue of music has kept them in touch and for the past 5 years creating music together virtually. Their sound fits somewhere in the Americana-indie-power pop-country world. This freedom to blend genres keeps the music fresh.

We covered the lead single “Dirty Laundry” from their newest EP FIVE not too long ago (HERE). Now Bludgers is back with the full record for our waiting ears. The Americana-Country energy continues on “Frozen Ground” with storytelling vocals upfront and a talent-laden guitar leading the way. 

For “Saint Monday” Bludgers slows it down to let the emotions come through. A mellow guitar line keeps the vibe smooth while the vocals bring back memories of the best indie rock from the mid 90’s. A time when great songwriters ruled the scene. Bludgers would fit in just fine. 

The closer “More Things You Don’t Need” is the longest track of the album at over 6 minutes. The full sound of the band is tied together hear with strong sounds coming from all ends of the mix. The raw emotion can be felt in the echo drenched guitar as well as the lyrics. Such high end songwriting may have taken its time to get released but Bludgers is here now to share it with us all.

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