T Law is Gonna ‘Make It Celebrating’

T Law

Music has many uses in our society. Sometimes it can be used to pump you up for a workout and other times it can be used as a soothing sound during therapy. But breaking it down to basics, music is supposed to make you feel good. Our recent find T Law has this as his goal with his music and it seems to be working.

Hailing from the south side of Chicago, the songwriter, singer, and rapper puts his passion into creating music that will inspire and make people feel good. This is something that has become lost in a lot of artist’s minds. Music creates feelings so why not make that feeling a happy one. 

T Law has built a music collective around this idea that has become known as the BankFlow Family. Together with rapper Karizmatik and singer Unique Soul, the collective is currently preparing to release their joint project entitled Music Reborn. 

A solo LP is on the horizon for T Law as well. The newest single is the impassionate “Make It Celebrating.” Lyrics are right up front to grab attention and share in the party. The positivity is contagious and I believe it when the lyrics say “I’m gonna make it.” T Law is not trying to rise above others though. He seems to want everyone to be celebrating with him. Heads will bop along and wish for the best for all.

Find the song on your preferred platform HERE.

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