Follow Your Dreams with Violet Days’ “I’m A Dreamer”

violet days

Violet Days: Alternative pop stories from Sweden. And Lina Hansson is the author.


Born in a small village in the countryside, Hansson was raised in a musical family, singing Swedish folk songs with her siblings and finding inspiration in the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Coldplay, and the Sounds. Hansson always wished her life to mirror the epic-ness of the movies she watched and soundtracks she listened to when she was growing up. So she took a risk. She moved to Stockholm to pursue a career in music. Now she has recorded her upcoming EP with producer Kris Eriksson (of The Chainsmokers).


The Swedish alternative pop artist continues to carry this epic theme of film throughout her music writing songs that take you scene by scene into the life of her edgy alter ego, Violet Days. She hopes to comfort, provide escape from reality and encourage others to dare to dream big with her music including her next single “I’m a Dreamer.”

“I wanted to tell the story of realists versus dreamers. It´s about the frustration when you have people around you that don’t see things or believe in them the way you do. When you constantly want to escape reality and dream away.” – Lina Hansson.


The ethereal textures and synths certainly provide the comfortable escape Violet Days intended. And you can easily place yourself in one of the scenes from the past of either Lina Hansson or Violet Days—imagined or real. Keep up with the Swedish pop star on her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And if you want to further escape into Violet Days’ dreamy sound, here is her Soundcloud. “So Dope” is pretty dope.

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