Wanderwild Releases Fresh Debut EP, “Fleeting”


Many of us have known somebody who can do it all when it comes to music.

Whether it be playing the piano, guitar, some other random instrument, or even mixing the tunes on a laptop, such a person has enough skill that they don’t need help from anyone else. One such person is Matt Martin, the Athens, Georgia-based musician behind Wanderwild. No stranger to the musical world, Martin just released a new EP, Fleeting.

Fleeting is a great example of Martin’s creative skill. From his moving instrumentals to his electronic improvisation, Martin does not disappoint. What he’s done with his sound has become something between psychedelia and modern alternative rock. It’s been compared to both Death Cab for Cutie and Bon Iver, and it’s truly something you have to listen to to understand that both comparisons are accurate.

Wanderwild — One Man, Big Sound

Fleeting starts off with “Optimist,” which really gives you a good dose of the dreamy, bittersweet tone that most of Wanderwild’s songs take on. The beginning especially creates the sort of soundscape you’d hear in songs like U2’s “Where the Streets Have No Name.” “Evergreen” follows suit with its mellow electronica influence.

“Misty Morning” is where things change up slightly, incorporating some of Martin’s acoustic guitar background into the song. “Glow” continues in the electronica tradition, but introduces an exciting emotional energy that really keeps the song fresh. “Natural Desire” takes a more folksy tone, using just a minimalist acoustic guitar.

The EP finishes off with “La Mer,” which translates to “The Sea.” It embodies the signature bittersweetness of the EP, which is even more brought out by the maritime dreaminess of the track.

It’s easy to expect little from solo-artists. A single person just doesn’t often have the creative diversity that a band does. That’s not the case with Martin, though. How he accomplishes it, I don’t know, but in Fleeting Wanderwild manages to not only keep his style interesting, but perfectly original.

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