Waterparks Leave Hidden Meaning in ‘We Need To Talk’ Music Video


Waterparks are once again rocking fans’ worlds with their mysterious new music video for “We Need To Talk.” The latest installment from their 2018 album Entertainment is showing fans more of a hidden story embedded within previous music videos and the album as a whole.


“We Need To Talk” as a track has a relatively happy sound. The upbeat tempo coupled with the rolling guitar riff that echoes through the entire track adds to the juxtaposition of the lyrics. The story in the track tells of a failing relationship. In the chorus, “I really thought you were my four leaf clover” shows the relationship was thought to last and it follows all the good times the relationship held.


Waterparks hide meaning in ‘We Need To Talk’ Music Video


The video, which dropped July 9, shows a relationship between singer Awsten Knight and a girl. This relationship seemingly turns toxic, ridden with arguments, that causes Knight to jump out of an apartment window. The ex-girlfriend is troubled by the breakup and inevitably summons Knight back as a zombie.


The video ends with the opening seconds from the band’s previous music video for “Not Warriors/Crybaby.”



After the video was released, Knight tweeted that there were specific details left for fans to decipher the meaning of. Fans took to social media to share their theories behind the video and the entire storyline coursing through the videos for “Lucky People,” “Not Warriors/Craybaby” and now “We Need To Talk.”



Fans noticed the parallels between the videos for “We Need To Talk” and “Not Warriors/Crybaby” that preceded it. The newest video seems to follow the girl post break up while “Not Warriors/Crybaby” follows Knight post break up.


Be sure to find them this summer on the Vans Warped Tour.


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