Wembi Gives Us A New ‘Perspective’


In the current state of the music industry, authenticity is key. Fans now want an inside look at the artist as a whole, not just the songs they release. Social media has opened the door for artists to be more than just figures on a stage. One such artist that bleeds authenticity is our recent discovery Wembi.

The singer-songwriter and producer, based in California, began playing piano in his teens but soon grew sick of playing ‘other people’s ideas.’ Wembi always wanted to be an original so he started writing original songs. This openness allows him to pour himself into his songwriting without fear of exposing himself. As Wembi says “I am authentic and my music is both original and a direct extension of who I am and what I believe.” With his unique blend of Pop, Neo Soul, R&B, and Jazz Fusion, Wembi creates soundscapes that truly express what is in his mind and soul.

Last year Wembi released Perspective to further the bind with his fans that thrive on his truth. The 12 song album shows off his impressive range and skills picked up through the years. The opener “Seductive Eyes” sets the tone with a mellow sound allowing the listener to dive into the introspective lyrics. This continues on “Puerto Rico” with an elegant piano leading the way as the story unfolds. Some pretty guitar joins in as well here. Social issues are not off limits for Wembi. Again, he speaks his truth.

The message is delivered even more straightforward on “Hell No!” There is a touch of R&B and Blues here as he lets the antagonist know that he is not to be pushed around. “Tanganyika” keeps the energy up with a more exotic synth-heavy sound that shows off the production talents of Wembi. 

The emotion returns on “A Promise”. The vocals are delivered with a heartfelt style that draws in the listener. We are empowered by his music and ill fight right alongside him.

Have a listen on your favorite platform HERE.

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