Listening on Loop: Video Premiere of Whosah’s “Forget About It”


By Liza Jill Meyers of Indie Band Guru

If you are like me, coming off of a tough workweek, then Whosah’s “Forget About It” — from their EP Work, due out this Friday — is the song you need to get you out of your funk.

Whosah’s mantra, to “forget about it,” is a motivational reminder that you are the maker of your own happiness; “you can be content right now, you’ll be found, don’t give up.”

Even though the music video accompanying “Forget About It” seems simplistic at first, it packs a meta and metaphorical punch. Each band member climbs upward, up the rungs of a ladder, mirroring the uplifting rhythm and beat of the music and paralleling the sentiments of the song brilliantly. “My ladder goes on and on and on.”

Whosah Plumbs the Past

Hailing from Minneapolis, home of the Mighty Ducks, Whosah induces a sense of nostalgia with back-up vocals and harmonies echoing a blend of Roger Waters’ “The Tide is Turning” and the early electronic sounds of Daft-Punk’s “One More Time.” Whosah’s video invokes the same feelings, erupting with the iconic vision of so many ‘80s movies — a neighbor sneaking in the upstairs window of their crush’s house.

“Forget About It” rings of positivity. The cheerful melody and playful notes of the instrumentation behind the lyrics give the song a euphoric and addictive quality. I, for one, listened on loop for hours today, dancing at my desk — the way Whosah keeps climbing the ladder. Sometimes a song sits with you, makes you smile. Makes you “stop.

And say forget about it.”

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