Spirit Animal Rocks the Airwaves with ‘World War IV’

Spirit Animal

The music world has seen both revival and transformation of rock and roll. New bands are finding ways to bring the genre back, while adding their own unique twists. It’s no surprise, then, when bands like Spirit Animal come out with new material that sounds both familiar and new at the same time.

The Brooklyn-based group just released its debut EP, World War IV, on February 19, and it’s proved to be a revolutionary work. Spirit Animal is one of those bands that you just can’t peg. They draw inspiration from classic rock, pop, punk, and even hip-hop, and the result is something different and innovative.

The EP begins with Spirit Animal’s characteristically diverse “Regular World,” with it’s noticeable hip-hop and grunge influences. Following that is “Big Bad Road Dog,” with it’s heavy, driving drumbeats and guitar backing. “Front Seat Feelin'” and “True Believer” take on different tones, with a nostalgic sound almost reminiscent of Matchbox 2 or The Killers. The final song on the EP, “World War IV,” uses an intriguing blend of rock and big band instrumentation, with an orchestral jazz intro, and an energetic tone throughout.

World War IV is a very strong debut collection for Spirit Animal. The group not only shows promise and genuine talent, but they’re on their way to becoming one of the definitive rock bands of our time.

Hear more from Spirit Animal on SoundCloud.

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