See The “Future” With Willie And The Goodsouls

Willie And The Goodsouls

Following the success of Willie & The Good Souls’ third album; 

(self-titled Willie & The Good Souls), the band is back from extensive European touring to solidify their place in 

your Rock n’ Roll playlist.

Incorporating a vast, extensive range of instrumentation, this five 

member Rock band has channeled the sounds and emotions of the greats to create a unique dynamic all their 

own. Hailing from Finland, Willie & The Good Souls incorporate Classic American funk and roots with Slavic 

melodies and themes.

Willie and the Goodsouls have returned with yet another classic record 

that bridges country’s past with a future sound only the band can bring to 

the table. “Future” showcases some of their most ambitious vocal mixing takes yet, with some 

strong reverb on the intro to sound like their distorted voices come straight 

from the year 3000.

The song itself has a strong story to tell of progression and optimism 

for the time ahead of us. Overall the record is just a flurry of feel-good emotions that 

make one hopeful for what lies ahead on this road that is invisible to our eye. With Willie 

and the Goodsouls the “Future” always contains amazing music, so be sure to stick around 

for awhile and keep an eye out for their fourth album!

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