Yohuna’s New Album “Patientness” Is the Perfect End to Your Day


When reading the description of the album I’m about to present to you, I was immediately interested. It is described as “intimate, vocally-driven synth-pop songs of distance and loss.” Now, I might just be one of those sappy people that love to hear emotionally-driven tracks, so I could be a little biased in my excitement. If you’re wondering just who is bringing these full-of-heart tracks, it would be Johanne Swanson, also known as Yohuna.

Her album, Patientness, dropped just a couple days ago on September 9th, and features nine full length tracks that will leave you absolutely breathless. These songs have titles that are just as entrancing, such as “The Moon Hangs In The Sky Like Nothing Hangs In The Sky.” The first track in the album, called “Lake,” is an absolutely beautiful melody comprised of gentle synthesized sounds and incredibly performed high notes. It is one that will lull you into a peaceful sleep, something definitely perfect to listen to along to some light rain outside of your window.

Yohuna Provides Perfectly Soothing Sounds

“Golden Foil” is the fifth track from the album, and starts off just as peacefully as the previous tracks. There’s a slight whispering melody that begins the vocals, and they remain just as light throughout the entire song. Although the tempo picks up only slightly throughout, there’s still that gentleness that wraps itself around you like a warm, fuzzy blanket. The accompanying music video for the track gives off that very nostalgic vibe that has that essence of a homemade video.

The title track, “Patientness,” closes off the album with just under four minutes of serene beauty. A light guitar strumming foreshadows the vocals, which are melodic and the perfect way to end off your night. It almost makes it seem like there’s nothing else going on around you, and the music just takes hold of you and entrances you. Overall, Patientness is everything that you need for a very soothing night in, a great way to unwind after a long, stressful day.

You can listen to more of Patientness on Yohana’s BandCamp page.

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