Yukon Era Continue Their Stay in the Post-Punk Scene with ‘Knife Skies’

Yukon Era

New Zealand band, Yukon Era, have shared “Knife Skies”. Their new single is a great introduction for the Kiwi band.


Their debut album is set to be released early in 2019. They are still currently working on this project, however, they treated us with this new track.


Yukon Era releases work that is post futuristic. A comparison between their British peers IDLES and Shame can be made.


They have locally made a name for themselves and even performed at this year’s Great Escape festival. The band was also on the road in the UK headlining their own shows.


They are the youngest band to perform at Australia’s most iconic festival, St Jerome’s Laneway.



Post-Punk is Knife Skies’ Forte


Although the band is still working on their debut album, they managed to release a great song that shows what’s to come with their album’s release.


The main elements you’ll notice in this track are singer Christian Dimick’s powerful, almost monotonous voice and sharp guitars. There is variety in his vocal range throughout the piece.


The vocals add the most to this song and take it on an emotional journey with the intonation and lyrics. Dimick’s voice is beautifully booming throughout the song.


The song is simple but drenched in emotion and angst. The vocals are strong and lyrically matched with a sense of misguidedness and an existential journey.


While listening to the song, you hear old and newer punk influences. This adds to the song sounding familiar while still being able to stand out on its own.


Yukon Era’s tight rhythmic instrumentals add edge to their raw yet chilled-out sound. It’s nowhere near a dance, head banging sound, but it still stands out as a fervent tune.


This is just the beginning for this band and proves great things are to come with their debut album in 2019.


They are set to begin touring in autumn beginning in Australia and New Zealand before coming back to the UK. The band promises big announcements in the near future.

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