ZAMN Shares A Piece Of Their Hearts In “Bullets”

Nothing creates a more raw and authentic listening experience than writing a song that you have a deep personal connection with. Your emotions intertwine with the story and can create something that immediately forms a bond between the listener and artist. ZAMN, the moniker of folk-rock artist Randall Pratt, has fully grasped this connection with his single “Bullets.” ZAMN turned the pain from the loss of his father into inspiration, creating a metaphor about his experiences in dealing with that loss with “Bullets.”

You can feel the unadulterated emotion throughout the entire single; each element raw and unfiltered. ZAMN was the sole creator of both the lyrics and instrumentals, making sure no other influences tainted his vision. You enter “Bullets” much lighter than you would expect for a song with such a powerful name; acoustic guitar gentling strumming and easing you into this emotional number. There’s a grit present in Randall’s voice that helps convey the power that truly is behind this otherwise gentle number.

There’s a somber tone present throughout the entire number that provides a great contrast to the grit in Randall’s voice. While the single isn’t produced in a flashy manner, “Bullets” showcases a lot of promise for what is to come from ZAMN. A blend of indie, folk, and rock that is sure to spark the curiosity of many tastes.

If “Bullets” peaked your interest you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for Gardenful Life, ZAMN’s upcoming album. And we don’t have a confirmed date for that so you’ll just have to pay extra close attention to see what is next!

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