In this incredibly bizarre time, it is hard to open up Spotify and listen to your favorite songs with themes of doom and groom. I have been on the hunt for songs that make me happy. This shift in my life has found me leaning more toward songs that have a sense of being uplifting, whether that be from the tune or in lyrics. Finding songs that are genuinely fun has become a bizarrely difficult task. When I found Jagwar Twin’s “Shine,” I was beyond excited.

It is a refreshing change to discover a song like this in a music scene that is primarily dominated by lyrics that discuss pain. Roy English, who sings under the name Jagwar Twin, seems to have written “Shine” with the intention of making a song that is all about the attainable dreams and goals that can be reached in a time of crisis. He does not sing about the struggle that comes along with trying to chasing those same dreams and find our peace. “Shine” is all about finding peace and happiness in one’s life.

“Shine” is an exercise in finding good things in a time that is overwhelmed by fear and doubt. However, it is also a song about what it means to find a community. It is about finding a community without going outside to search for one. In the time of quarantine and social distancing, “Shine” is a necessary reminder that we are never truly alone. Jagwar Twin’s latest hit assures us that you can find community while stuck at home.

Jagwar Twin exists to find energy and spirit in our shared humanity.

The reality of losing our traditional communities has meant a lack of stability. Yet, we can still find a new version of stability. There are still ways to ground oneself. “Shine” helps to reminds us of that. Jagwar Twin is currently requesting fans to record themselves at home with whatever helps them to shine in their isolation. “Shine,” by Jagwar Twin, is currently available to stream to purchase.

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