Zanilonia Allow Us To Enter Their Indie-Tronic World

Here at Indie Band Guru we always have our ears open for something new and interesting. Not gonna lie. Sometimes the weirdest sounds catch our attention best. The freedom for artists today to experiment and create unique music is amazing. So many great independent bands are out there doing exactly what they want without the big labels looking over their shoulder telling them what to do. A great example is our brand new discovery Zanilonia.

The project is tough to pin down but that is just the way they like it. Zanilonia is a virtual band, with members contributing in different times and places with no expectations or limiting deadlines. There are no limits to their experimentation as well. Prepare for an exciting warp into the Zanilonia world. An Indie-tronic world.

The reigns of Zanilonia are held loosely by songwriter/pianist David Zee. He has been creating music for over 50 years. From a solo career, to TV scoring, to writing songs for others. The Jazz infused vocals of Anissa are a big part of the project as well. Other contributors have included MD drummer/percussionist Jim Brink; MD singer Cara Detwiler; NY singer/songwriter Kathleen Pemble; VT percussionist/electric violinist Derrik Jordan; well-known Australian singer Tara-Lynn Sharrock; and Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter/producer/DJ Rosebud.

Music Video for “You Disarmed Your Robot Army” by Zanilonia

The main release so far by Zalinonia is “You Disarmed Your Robot Army.” The campy electronic track is just what is needed in a world taken far too seriously lately. The exotic keyboard sounds lead the way here. They grab attention and create a full sonic landscape for the listener to explore. Vocals are delivered with a monotone style that somehow creeps deeply into your brain. If you don’t walk away singing the chorus, you were not really listening. Some more wild effects keep you guessing where in Zanilonia you will land next.

Keep up with Zanilonia on their WEBSITE.

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