K’prime Continues His Positive Message With “TwisTeD”


Becoming a star in the crowded music industry is a great goal to have.  Becoming an inspiration for people to strive to make a better world through your music is an even better and more meaningful goal.  Stars will come and go but artists that make a real difference will have a true following forever.  One such artist is our friend K’prime.

The hip-hop artist was born and raised in North Carolina.  K’prime loves his hometown and always has the goal in mind of changing it for the better.  This is where his FreeTheFuture Campaign comes in.  The point is to encourage everyone to make peace with themselves and then with others.  Step by step we will rise above and create a better and more loving community.

Be The Best You That You Can Be With K’prime

The latest track by K’prime is the rolling “TwisTeD”.  It is set to be the first single off his upcoming SuperB project.  There are big plans in the works and a movement that is starting to grow around him.  



The minimalistic beat lets the focus be on the positive flows and the real life that K’prime is preaching.  The hook will be stuck in your head for a while. “Lifestyle, gotta keep it fly” is an anthem to not only make the best for yourself but your full posse.  

The accompanying music video is very well produced.   K’prime raps through the streets of his locale showing off the backgrounds and overhead views of the beauty of North Carolina.  The cuts and editing are top notch and will help the song spread well through YouTube and K’prime’s website https://www.freethefuture.co.  Keep up with the positivity and what is next there.