What happens when you bring together a group of individuals who written-for, collaborated and produced for the music giants such as Kanye West, Dr Dre, Method Man, Usher, and Rihanna? You get the hip hop engine known as 7kingZ!


So, who are they? Their bio says “if today’s hip-hop landscape was depicted on an ancient map, with its trapstars in the South, gangstas in the West, and emcees from the East and North, 7kingZ would be that badass drawing of a Giant Kraken presiding over a vast ocean, possibly decimating some unfortunate sea-goers. First dipping into each of these four corners but then adding an unexpectedly unique spin, 7kingZ has become known for brazenly defying the conventions of the hip hop genre”.


Since 2016, 7kingZ have been a music making machine, releasing 4 EPs. Each one showcases fearless songwriting with an impressive range of styles to their sound. Some of their stronger offerings have featured on TV with “Born For This” used on Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger TV show. “Gloves Are Comin’ Off” was included during promos for the 2018 NBA Playoffs.


Now, 7kingZ are back with their new EP My World Now with its concept of motivation and mindset. Starting things off is the title track which instantly shows off their serious talent. The opening lyrics “We striving for greatness / Nothin could ever break us / The future is now / I don’t believe in later / I keep it pushing till I meet my maker” say a lot about their drive and passion for their craft. It is also reflected in the music as well, thanks to some serious beats.



‘My World Now’ confirms that 7kingZ are the real deal


The rest of the EP has a lot to offer and shows off the different sides to 7kingZ. “Now It Begins feat The Phantoms” has a beautiful gentle intro with nice use of a piano. This flow continues throughout the song which slowly builds up with the addition of a string section. They can switch the tempo back up as “How I Do It” and “It’s On” highlight. Both have a great hip hop groove that struts around your ears and includes some killer hooks.


The EP closes with “The Strong Survive” that is powerful on so many levels. It opens up with a battle cry that leads up to the lyrics “It never ends, it’s about to start / You could bring a army / I’ll take em all apart”. Its soundtrack is anthemic with beats that are infectious. It adds so much, especially when the chorus hits out with “Bear witness survival of the fittest / We stay alive thru the hardest of times / We in the jungle / And I ain’t gonna under /We rise cause the strong survive”. This is 7kingZ at their best!


My World Now is an impressive collection of songs that will receive the praise that they deserve. Watch out world, 7kingZ are here!

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