Aiden Hatfield

Aiden Hatfield has been busy in the studio putting together a collection of songs he says “explores the themes of passion, conflict and loss”. The first single from this project “This is Never Ending” left fans eager to hear more. Well, the time has come as he releases his new EP Chapter One.

The EP opens up with the lead single which instantly showcases what Hatfield has to offer. It highlights how he uses his vocals to add so much emotional depth to reflect the tone of his lyrics. The power from the chorus also enforces that he is an artist with a genuine connection to his work.

Next up is the infectious pounding beats of “Say It Again”.  Its deceptive intro offers a softer tempo before those drums burst in to grab the listeners attention. It is used to create a pop-punk mood which helps to give the EP a variation in sound.

Musically, Hatfield never disappoints but to hear him at his best, listen to “I Never Cared”. It sees him return to his rock roots which include huge pounding drums. But, it is his guitar that steals the show. It creates this energy that adds so much to the song, especially with the guitar solo as it comes to an end.

The intro to “Fallen to Pieces” shows off a softer side to Hatfield’s music with a gentle strumming style on his guitar. He uses his voice to mirror the tone during the opening lines. Even when the drums come in, the mood does not change. It is only when the chorus arrives that which things change as his vocals pack a punch.

The EP comes to a close with “This Horror In Me”. He has certainly saved the best for last. The opening riffs and pounding drums show off the track’s intent to grab the listeners attention. Then his story begins “You were so perfect / My perfect imperfection / You make me feel like this is all worth it in the end”.  His impressive lyrical talent continues throughout, especially during the hook “In my honour / You left this horror in me / You left this horror in me”. If that is not enough, he throws in a great guitar solo to bring the curtains down on an impressive release.

Aiden Hatfield packs an emotional punch with his EP ‘Chapter One’

To go along with the release of Chapter One, Aiden Hatfield is getting ready to embark on a UK tour. Going from the sound of Chapter One, these are shows that you do not want to miss.

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