Bluesman Albert Cummings releases “Need Somebody”

It’s hard to stand out in a crowded field. Whether it be sports, love or music – is it luck? Blues singer/songwriter and guitarist Albert Cummings sure proves that a bit of luck, a talent that could fill a stadium and some expressive lyrics are his ticket to not being alone in the new hit single “Need Somebody”. Cummings, alongside Scot Sutherland (bass) and Warren Grant (drums) champion the rock and roll sound, tethered to a remarkable blues sound. “Need Somebody” moves away from the norm, and definitely stands out. This isn’t your dad’s blues rock sound. This is 2022 prime time. 

Letting his electric guitar do the ‘talking’, Cummings’ latest song deploys the matter-of-factness of not being in a relationship. It’s safe to say he’s talking about being alone and while he’s not crying in his drink over not having a special person in his life, he’s also quick to say that he doesn’t follow all the advice he’s getting. I liked that macho-kind of boldness. Cummings, who worked with Double Trouble (the late Stevie Ray Vaughn’s rhythm section) has 10 solo albums under his belt – the latest one, 10, coming this year. “Need Somebody” joins 12 other tracks and cements Cummings as one of America’s biggest torch bearers of the blues/rock guitar sound. Cummings, Sutherland and Grant are all seen in the fast-paced “Need Somebody” music video. The production has an excellent view and vibe to the band’s sound. 

This song made me feel a part of something. I found myself swept away by the grips of the drums – the pounding and tempo moved me forward. It’s like that friend that tells you to stop looking back, quit thinking about what might have been and find the next person that is going to satisfy you. And those drums, as do all the instruments in “Need Somebody” , please the ear. “Need Somebody” has a catchy chorus. It’s enough of an earworm that it will linger with you for days, but not annoyingly that if it were to come onto your playlist just one more time, you wouldn’t want to hit ship. In other words, you can wear and tear this single and it will still shine like the first time you heard it. 

Cummings’ sings with contained passion. His guitar releases all the extra drama and one can’t help but think his voice is liquored with whiskey, gin and maybe some sleepless nights. Something about Albert Cummings and the way he sings this song transports me to a summer night, it’s a bit hazy and a sultry humidity weighs down the air. It’s him and his band that mark the occasion and with just one riff and one hit of the cymbal, the crowd not only raises their tall boys, but they get up and groove to the sounds. This is a song for the summer amphitheater listening experience ever there was one. “Need Somebody” has this tangible gift to bring a live crowd together. I really don’t think you can fabricate that in a studio.  

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  1. Donna Carll

    Would love the lyrics to this