Alex Marie Brinkley Crowdfunding Her Debut EP!

Alex Marie Brinkley

Alex Marie Brinkley already has everything she needs to be America’s next big hit. She just needs our help to get there.

Out of Ft. Worth Texas, many might’ve expected her to take on a slow-moving, typical country approach, but this is something much more elaborate. She’s utilized heartfelt lyricism and uptempo music behind her to take indie-pop to an all new level. She’s been songwriting for years, and performing for even longer, but now it’s time for the next step.

Brinkley’s got her Debut EP on the way and it’s available for pre-order with Pledgemusic. It’s an awesome way for her to build a relationship with her fans and allow them to play an intergal role in the creation of her first real project. She’s got some awesome incentives to thank us for our support so there’s no reason why we shouldn’t give her a shot!


Alex Marie Brinkley: Purely Pop

Brinkley keeps it pretty simple. She almost always has that acoustic guitar strumming beautifully behind her as she showcases her excellent vocalism in each verse. It just sounds like your favorite pop song. She’s got the kind of lyrics most anyone can relate to and a strong, honeyed set of vocals to sing along with.

Honestly, it’s really, really hard not to compare her to Taylor Swift. She’s wholeheartedly devoted to using her music to relate to and improve the lives of all that choose to listen. Her music is consistently “girly” so to speak, but for some reason, it’s still appealing. She’s got a wholesome image and the backstory that just screams “hometown hero”.

You can check out her Soundcloud and get a better understanding of what I mean. My favorite song by her is, “Next Chick”.’



Brinkley’s Baby Steps

From standing center court singing the national anthem to on stage performances around Ft. Worth and Dallas, Alex Marie Brinkley has been spending these past few years diligently perfecting her craft. She’s still young, but there’s nothing but sunny days ahead for her. She’s got great lyrics, a spectacular voice and most importantly, a love and passion for her music and her fans.

Now all she needs is a little help. Check out her Pledgemusic campaign page and choose which incentive sounds best to you. I’d suggest that “Social Media Takeover”. You never know how crazy that could get!

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