Alex Veach is Ready To ‘Transcend’

Alex Veach

As an artist, one must be willing to challenge the norm. This is the only way that music, and the world in general, truly advance. Our recent discovery Alex Veach is doing just that. He is challenging society, genders, and genres all at once.


The emerging hip-hop artist and musician is based in the progressive Los Angeles, California scene. Here Alex Veach has found the freedom to express himself in many ways. He recently created some major attention with his gender transition but his main pursuit has always been music.


Since the age of 6, Alex has been training in classical piano and jazz trombone. The talent was recognized as he received All-State A+ rankings in the New York State School of Music Association (NYSSMA) for both instruments throughout his schooling and in 2005 was awarded the Eastman School of Music Award.


Also quite the smart individual, Alex Veach completed graduate degrees in biomedical engineering and pharmacology from Cornell University in New York. While there he toured in concert with the university orchestra in Germany as well.


Today, while working professionally as a scientist, he has debuted his first hip-hop album Transcend which features major artists and his original electronic music and rap style. The 9 track record was released on October 10th, 2018.


Right from the opening bars of “Six”, we know we are in for something unique. Exotic sounds are melded together forming a background for Alex’s powerful vocal delivery. These lyrics paint interesting pictures that are meant to make the listener think. “Stockholm” continues this theme of innovative sound blending. There are no genre limitations as we get EDM, hip-hop and even some dark soul/R&B vibes.



Heavy hitters Gucci Mane and Rick Ross are brought in as features on “Bricks”. This star power takes the track to new levels while still keeping the Alex Veach style pushing boundaries. We get slowed down for “Hideout” featuring Wiz Khalifa. The beat repeats a short simple melody giving it an elegant feel while the vocals creep forward without crushing the feel of the track. A mellow head bopper that draws the listener close.


The closer “Left Field” has a more aggressive vocal style but the background is the most spacey beat yet. The range of Alex Veach is truly expressed here. We are excited to see this emerging talent develop with even more exposure.


Keep an eye and ear out for more music, pictures, and news HERE.

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