‘Yer Guises’ from Allovers Carries Punk Classics and ’50s Vibes


In the winding down of an explosive indie rock-filled spring comes an encompassing release ready for the submergence of summer sun. Yer Guises takes almost no time at all being a noise pop record straight from the garage, though the eclectic album also has a knack for sounding like a ’50s dance tune. Trust, however, that the fresh takes from differing waves of music are the epitome of defining for Allovers.


Allovers takes norms and makes them their own


Fast and fun is the name of the game for this Canadian trio. Track names are cheeky, (“Tub Time, Hitchcock Twist”) and tend to have compelling themes. For example, “Rinky Dink” is a commentary on modern society.


Aside from just words, the songs keep up with punk rhythm more than anything else. Short, simple. Most of the album is made up of songs that are under two minutes long, equipped with high velocity. Constant noise and power chords rip through the record like crazy. For absolute sick electric guitar songs, “Get Serios” is about 70 seconds of insane rips.


The only punk element missing are the screamy, noisy vocals, which is where the old school ’50s tone comes in. There’s some synth hidden beneath the vocal quality, making the lead vocalist sound kind of like Elvis, especially in laid back tune “Hey Joey”.


No BS, just music


Yer Guises is a perfect addition to the garage noise field. I especially admire how the record doesn’t try too hard. It seems as though Allovers are organic through every track, even ending with a band theme song. A mystifying kind of wonderful comes from the unique sock-hop vibes. Being so easy to listen to, the replay value is immediate.


Yer Guises is a definite gem that shouldn’t be missed out on in the height of all the great music coming out this year. It could be golden.

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