Bailey Baum Delivers a Charismatic Debut in her EP “Over It”

This past weekend L.A. based singer-songwriter Bailey Baum released her debut EP Over It, a five track journey through heartbreak and growth, featuring Baum’s dreamy pop style and compelling down to earth lyrics. Baum has received attention for her singles in the past, and her style as a singer and as a lyricist holds up when put to the task of standing out as a complete set.

The EP opens with its title track “Over It” a good introduction to Baum’s dreamy atmospheric sound with her voice and lyrics at its focal points. Then, “Take Me All The Way” draws the listener into the album’s touch of narrative. The song with its slow dreamy guitar and synth gives a glimpse into an unsuccessful relationship, as the speaker laments not being on the same page as her partner, asking for their full commitment. By the course of the album it hardly seems like they get it.

Listen to Over It below

The following song “Bad For Me” shows the singer starting to have a change of heart about her partner. This song perhaps showcases Baum’s lyrical skill the best, as it manages to encompass the experience of trying to get over a failing relationship in terms that are both grandiose and relatable in a way that feels down to earth. It is artistic, but feels like an accurate and human experience. “Not Missing You” the peak of the EP’s story shows her attempts to move on, a struggle, seemingly left ambiguous in its success. “Thinkin Bout Me” is stylistically similar to “Not Missing You” but finishes out the album on a more mellow and melancholy tone.

Overall, Over It is an impressive debut from Bailey Baum. With any luck her future projects shall share its careful craftsmanship and relatable lyrics, and will be more good music to look forward to.

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