Banfi Creates Emotional Indie Pop-Rock With ‘The Jack Powell EP’


English indie-rock group Banfi has taken personal emotional experiences and channeled them into unique and honest songs in The Jack Powell EP. Each song is a different take on love and loss, from the angry to the bittersweet to the hopeful.


The lyrics are evocative of the endearing awkwardness of romance, and the melodies are catchy and tasteful, conveying many different feelings.


Banfi Covers the Spectrum of Human Emotion in The Jack Powell EP


Banfi opens their newest record with “Never Really Cared,” a painfully honest declaration in the face of rejection.


“The starting point was this idea of exploring how mean and nasty you could make a love song, for no particular reason other than we knew there was something good and real around mean love,” singer Joe Banfi explained.


The chorus has a mellow, matter-of-fact sound. “This whole thing we’ve been through / I never really cared about you,” the lyrics repeat. There’s a sense of emotional detachment here, but the feelings swell in the bridge. Banfi’s voice grows in intensity and emotion, and it’s obvious that there’s a lot more to it.

“Future” is a gentle and peaceful track, creating a soft atmosphere that wraps you up as you listen. Banfi’s voice is reminiscent of their alt-J influences in the beginning, but with a unique spin that swells in sound and energy as the song goes on.


In contrast to the bitterness of “Never Really Cared,” “Future” offers a hint of optimism.


Inspired by Robin Williams, this song explores the darkness surrounding heartbreak and the promising light that emerges as time passes on.


As the lyrics evolve, the music does, too, going from gentle and soft to much more present and confident. “Future” is possibly the most beautiful offering on The Jack Powell EP.

What follows is a chilling cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Mercy Street.” The vocals are soft but present, nearly a whisper at times. This adds a haunting edge to the atmosphere of the song, and Banfi takes their own unique spin on the track that really works.


The EP ends with “Leaving Me Behind,” a song that has somber lyrics but a more upbeat sound. It’s the most outwardly catchy of Banfi’s offerings on The Jack Powell EP.


“Now you’re leaving me behind,” vocalist Banfi sings. But in the face of loss and heartbreak, the groove of the music itself offers a bit of optimism. By ending with such a catchy track, Banfi gives their record a real sense of finality.

The Jack Powell EP is the perfect example of a relatable interpretation of love and loss. Banfi explores both the lightness and the darkness through four beautiful and unique songs. Together, they paint the wide spectrum of emotions that one goes through in heartbreak, and it leaves you with a much needed feeling of hope.


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