Bernie Journey – Plays Cupid With Sultry New Dance Single

The dance pop genre is full of artists putting music out there every day.  Much of it is self produced in their bedroom and unfortunately will never see the light of day with the low quality production.  The genre is a tough one to crack and the artist that goes out and finds the right people to partner with has a huge advantage.  Bernie Journey is well aware of this and has made the right connections.

Bernie Journey

Born as Bernard David Journey in Cleveland, Ohio, he took in all the power of rock n’ roll being honored in his backyard and let it influence his musical development.  Bernie Journey dove into meeting the right people and showing them he had the chops to have them produce his sound.  His very first recordings and EP were made with the help of music producer Joe Vulpis who is known for his work with Lady Gaga.

The connections continue and Bernie Journey has now released his latest song “Patience With My Heart” on J2 Records.  A single is never enough when you have the right friends.  Bernie released an EP with 7 different distinct versions of the song.  Featured on the release are 3 club friendly dance remixes by Wayne Numan (Cher, Madonna). The original version was produced by Peter Litvin along with an alternative version of the original, featuring Argentinian saxophonist Hendrick Valera. Rounding out the single EP are the “Chilledelic Mix” with more of an urban groove and “On Island Time” version which has a lounge feel to it.  



Every one has its own feel but they will all get you up and dancing by the chorus.  There is a sensual element to the song that works perfectly for this Valentine’s Day season.  There is passion, lust and a groove.  Take a listen and buy the EP at:


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