David Ell – Creating Lush Soundscapes In The Dark Pop Rock Genre

The ability for a songwriter to reproduce on to a recording the full sound he hears in his head will always amaze me.  The artist that is able do all this on his own is a rare breed.  Our recent discovery David Ell manages to produce a full sonic experience all by himself.

The music maker from the United Kingdom has been in the game for quite a while producing lush sounds combined with heart on the sleeve emotion.  David Ell’s first record Wreckingball was released in 2008.  This started the spill of powerful yet dark and brooding pop songs from the true artist.  More diversity was shown by David on his second LP Dance Of The Furies where he turned in an entirely instrumental album with classical and atmospheric influences.  With the ability to tackle different sounds and genres David Ell leaves the imagination open to where he can go next.

David Ell

Late last year we got the chance to hear what was next.  It is the 11 track beast that is Welcome To The Ball which was released under the independent Mask Carnival record label.  Right from the opener “Starlight” you know you are in for something quite epic sounding.  On “Don’t Know” we get a large pop song reminiscent of U2 styling.  Sound comes in and out from every corner of the speaker creating a perfect mesh.  The exotic beat at the start of “Bleed” leads to a dark melody drawing the listener in close, to pay attention to the elegant lyrical delivery.  Again seemingly random noises pop in to create a lush sound.  The classical genre shows its influence in David Ell’s music again on “Reach” with a pretty piano melody leading the way down a dark corner of introspective music creating real emotions.  There are stories to be told in these songs.  It seems as if there is a full dramatic production to “Flatline” with its Broadway musical tones draping the room with a full sonic tapestry.  The over 6 minute song has that epic feel once again.  The pop rock energy comes back on “The Man Behind The Mask” with grinding guitars accompanying the strong chorus that will be repeating in your head long after the track ends.  Enjoy the visually haunting music video here:


By the time you reach the album’s closer “Bitter Wind” you are ready for its relaxing, almost trance-like, sound to set your mind back at ease.  This is a record that deserves a full listen.  You can find the music and more about David Ell at: http://www.davidell.co.uk/

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