Black Earl – Dedication To Lyrical Hip Hop

Black Earl

There is no doubt that it takes a supreme amount of dedication to achieve any success in the music business.  Even the artists that are considered “Overnight successes” spent years in the trenches working hard and building up the stamina to become a known commodity in the scene.  Our recent discovery Black Earl is proof that hard work pays off.

It all started in Eunice, Louisiana, when as a child the rising hip-hop artist would hear his mother sing in the Church choir.  Black Earl quickly developed a deep interest in music and dove in with both feet.  He played in bands all through his school years picking up the skills and a sixth sense of sorts for all music.  By 15 years old he considered himself a rap lyricist.  

Black Earl knew that if he wanted it bad he would have to be motivated, determined, dedicated, ambitious, and consistent.  It all started to come together in May of 2014 when Black Earl signed with Metal 2 Music Entertainment Management and a distribution/production deal with Metal 2 Music/SMG Records (  With a team now at his back he was able to get his music out there and watch it spread.  His songs have been featured on numerous Coast 2 Coast mixtapes; he was selected to perform at Coast 2 Coast LIVE Tour in New Orleans and internet radio stations were spinning his tracks.

Black Earl Offers A Taste Of New Music

Now Black Earl is back with his forthcoming album Chess~Not~Checkers which is coming soon.  He put out a quick fourplay EP to keep his fans satisfied until the project is complete.  The lead track “Nigga Please” jumps right out at you with an interesting melody and Black Earl’s impressive lyrical flow grabbing you tight.  His smooth delivery allows each word to be heard clear and enter the listener’s mind.  There is even some speed rap to pull you in closer.  The hook is tight and will have your head bouncing before you know it.  

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