Blind Uncle Harry Takes You To “Christmas Day In Australia”

As someone who spent half a year abroad in Australia I can personally attest that holidays feel weird there. What would normally be a snowy Christmas morning ends up being a 110° day spent BBQing. Blind Uncle Harry taps into that wild sensation with their version of a holiday hit, “Christmas Day In Australia.”

Blind Uncle Harry is the performing stage name for Bloomington Indiana singer-songwriter Chris ‘Harry’ Doran. He utilizes a rotating arrangement of band members to compliment each hilbilly shreddin’ folk rock number he creates. Known for telling a great tale and usually a damn catchy one, Blind Uncle Harry has pinned down a unique niche for himself.

“Christmas Day In Australia” proves to be just as unique as good ole Harry himself. You won’t hear about snow or hot chocolate in this Christmas jingle. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Harry paints a picture of a very sweaty, sad day on the beach.

Watch the video for “Christmas Day In Australia” below

This single certainly won’t get you in the spirit to deck any halls, so if you’re looking for jingle bells I suggest you seek elsewhere. Instead, Blind Uncle Harry has taken a more melancholy approach for this tune. Because let’s face it, not everyone has a great time during the Christmas season and this song is for them.

Down and defeated from a recent break-up that has tainted the already (apparently very) sweaty day, you can sense the disappointment throughout this track. Vocals are melancholic, Harry’s voice harmonizing agonizingly beautifully with a female vocalist. Despite bright and upbeat guitar, the song does translate the dread for holiday that is apparent throughout the lyrics.

It’s safe to say that you can never truly know what’s coming next from Blind Uncle Harry, and that’s part of the undeniable charm. Be sure not to miss out on what they come up with next.

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