British House Newcomer Coldabank Brings Big Beats


By Emma Cohen of Indie Band Guru

British producer Joachim Walker, based in London, has been slowly dropping tracks, including a remix of R&B singer and fellow Brit Etta Bond’s “Seen and Never Heard,” on SoundCloud under the name Coldabank since last summer.

Making it official earlier this month, Coldabank released his debut EP, Heart Strings, on SoundCloud. Two existing songs, and one new one, offer a clash of deep lyrics with great beats that really hook.

The title song makes me feel like Alice falling down the rabbit hole — the growing beat blends with the steady tone and rhythm of the lyrics to transport the listener in a new world. I’ve never been to a rave, but this track makes me think I should.

“You Just Know” has a strong build and weak, watery vocals which combine to create a perfect song to dance to. Dancing aside, if you needed to complete a marathon, this is the first song I would suggest. The heavy beat surrounds you, drills the rhythm into your body, so you can truly feel the music. This feeling. of being inside the music, is something which Coldabank effortlessly creates.

The final track, “Answers,” is Coldabank’s new track and my personal favorite. With an insistent, driving pace, ”Answers,” a deep, dark house track, moves fast enough to keep you moving and features lyrics powerful enough to inspire those who listen.

I have never had a particular loyalty to an electronica musician in the past, but Heart Strings just changed that.

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