Calais Keep You Inspired with ‘Say To Me’


Calais are ready to start the new year with new music and aim to inspire us all! The band wants you to pursue something that’s worth living for and encourage all dreamers to chase their dreams. The Australian band has set their sights on some big goals for 2018.


Their new song, “Say To Me,” is an ode to this message. Everything about this tune is inspiring and makes you experience all the positive feelings. That may sound a bit dramatic, but blast this track while driving on a sunny day and you’ll see what I mean.


The song begins with a calm introduction and the promise of a more upbeat tempo. Once the drums hit, the upbeat and feel good tone starts and gets you excited about what’s to come. It remains a drum-heavy track for the rest of the piece. The lyrics also remain encouraging and energizing.


The song reverts back to a calmer tone that slowly builds up to the chorus giving you that joyful and inspired sensation. The tone is engaging and makes you feel like you can do just about anything.

Calais Aim to Keep You Motivated


A majority of the track feels like it is building up to a climax, which gives off such a happy and enthusiastic sound. Right as the “official” climax is about to hit, the singing becomes echoed, making it much more motivational.


“Say To Me” could totally give you that nudge to get everything you’ve been putting off finally done; all with a smile on your face.


This track is definitely the kind of song you would blast full volume in the car with your windows rolled down. Even just a short trip to the grocery store when you’re in a good mood calls for an anthem like this.


The overall sound was a bit predictable and poppy, but very well organized. It is an attractive tune that makes you want to listen again and ends up putting you in a better mood. “Say To Me” could easily make it onto the pop charts and get some excitement around it.


We are looking forward to new Calais music and getting to see what 2018 brings for them.

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