Strange Names Gets Funky in ‘Data’

Strange Names

The delectably exciting indie-pop group Strange Names released Data, a 10-track album. It was released on Frenchkiss Records, the label responsible for artists such as Local Natives, Passion Pit, and Bloc Party. Data is strange, energetic, and full of lovable personality. Strange Names makes sure that no two songs are the same in the record, and each song has its own special flavor.


“UFO” starts off the album, is undoubtedly funky, and makes you want to dance. The retro bass line keeps the rhythm pumping while the guitar riffs and jumps around. The group sings about being an alien and all the new things to discover about life. It is also an anthem to the “strange” kids in life, the weird, green aliens that are ostracized from the rest. “Keep Walking Away” emits a cosmic pulsing reminiscent of ’60s pop and synths. The song is sonic and adventurous in production, featuring lots of space-themed noises and melodies.

Strange Names blends many different types of genres and themes into their sound. Most tracks carry a similar electronic bass line and synth. This includes songs like “Into Me” and “Circles.” Although they each carry their own mood, the trio skillfully utilizes these similar means for various ends.


The vocals in “Marvelous” are heavily tampered with and exude a darker, more edgy feeling. Data‘s lineup primarily consists of elated beats and rhythms, but “Marvelous” adds a soft-edged angst to the record. The track “Rosa” is a lovely lullaby. Although it isn’t edgy, it’s still an interesting twist on the Strange Names sound.


“Medicate” differentiates itself and features distorted guitars and real drums for a more indie-rock sensation. The buzzing, airy atmosphere in “Head First” is interesting and a relaxing switch in the album. The vocals are far softer and echoed than in any other song. Strange Names is enticing in their signature, electronic sound, but also excellent at adding variation in their music.


Strange Names Releases ‘UFO’ Music Video

Alongside the song “UFO,” Strange Name released the music video for the song. The trio paint their faces, and stand in goofy poses while they mouth the lyrics. Random clips of people in the grocery store, playing basketball, or just talking with each other flash around the group. It is probably a reference to their isolation in relation to the “normal” people.


Their trippy, half-joking video complements the funky personality of the group. Not only do Strange Names have an eccentric, fun loving aura, but they also create intriguing and exciting music.

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