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Celadon Candy

Many artists within a band have tons of music inside them just waiting to get out.  This music may not always fit within the confines of the current band.  It can remain buried deep inside the artist never getting heard by anyone else or a side project could be started to expose these songs to the masses.  This can result in the original band suffering but music is meant to be released to the world not kept to yourself.  The Celadon Candy project is one such side project that we are glad came to light.

The brainchild of Paul Allgood and multi-instrumentalist Jason Bowden essentially started as a side project back in 2010 while Allgood was on hiatus from his main band Wedlock.  The combination of dark new wave tones mixed with elegantly voiced lyrics makes for a very intense pairing.  Back in the fall of 2010 Celadon Candy released their debut EP (cc:) but it was not meant to be and the duo split up.  A second EP emerged the following year, but the project was shelved afterwards.

Fast forward five years later to the UK indie label Trinity Eclipse hearing the music and demanding to release it.  The full-length album Celedonia is the result scheduled for release on July 5th, 2016.  The 10 track record may have been slightly ahead of its time but fits perfectly within the sub-genres of today.  The opener “Irritant” sets the dark tone immediately with a deep bass and drum setting the pace as the vocals echo along driving the song.  The thoughtful lyrics of “Broken” paint a sad picture as the electro beat brings some odd sounds combining to craft something that that demands multiple listens.  The next track “Undercutter” brings more of a dark pop sound to Celadon Candy.  The electro-industrial sound will get your ass moving and head bobbing.  The group shows they can dive into ballad territory with “Snakes”.  The slowed down melody with relaxes the mind as the vocals let you drift away.  The dance club sound returns on the title track “Celadonia”.  The instrumental song bashes along with a strong bass beat and noises coming at you from seemingly every angle.  The record is tied together by the closer “Apostacy” which combines all the innovative sounds we have already heard together into one cohesive unit.  

This is definitely a record to take in all in one listen. Go gain the Celadon Candy experience for yourself HERE.

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