Charles Luck Wonders Are You ‘Alive Or Just Breathing’

Charles Luck Black Astronaut

Indie Band Guru gets tons of emails every day. It is basically impossible to read through and listen to them all. We have some artists that we receive submissions from that we always take notice of and hit play. These artists have created a relationship with us (that is VERY important!) Our friends Charles Luck and Tino Red from Black Astronaut are back now to keep us guessing where their sound will go next.


The musical collective is based in Atlanta, Georgia but reaches far and wide to find talent that adds to the Black Astronaut flavor. Although born in Hip-Hop, there are no genre constraints holding them back from exploring whatever music sounds good in their heads on a particular day.


With Charles Luck at the lead, the collective has found a way to take their music very serious without overthinking it. This freedom has created the latest track “Alive or Just Breathing.” Still in demo form but our friends have given us, and you, an advance listen.



The vocals of Charles Luck mesmerize on this one!


This one is a different direction than we have seen them go before. “Alive Or Just Breathing” is a piano led song that is stripped down to its basics leaving behind just true beauty. The vocals are ripe with emotion as they pour out in an almost romantic tone. There is an elegance that washes over the listener.


As per usual, the lyrics of Charles Luck, the poet, take us into the story to feel like we are a real part of it. Somehow it all comes together to create that relaxing vibe that puts everyone in a better place in the 3 minutes in time the track takes us through.

Read the lyrics HERE.

Charles luck shows us more of his softer side with “China Shop”. His vocals are soft and sweet even as he tackles some difficult subject matter. A beautiful background creeps along behind the lyrics creating a relaxing element that seems fresh to the Black Astronaut sound. The elegance and prettiness make for a track that you can put on repeat to ease a troubled mind.  


You can find Charles Luck and Black Astronaut all over the web:

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