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Chris Ellenwood

Not everyone out there making music is doing it with a goal of earning fame and fortune.  Let’s face it, creating music is supposed to be fun.  When we do it only to make a buck it may as well be a 9 to 5 job.  What artist wants one of those?  Be like our recent discovery Chris Ellenwood who makes music solely for the enjoyment of it.

The independent rap artist hails from Sacramento, California.  That town has become a hotbed for great underground hip-hip over the past few years.  In his music, Chris Ellenwood creates an outlet for the issues in his life and how to deal with them.  He knows what he does is not for everyone but he doesn’t care.  As Chris puts it “I make music for fun, not for fame”.  By pouring personal experiences into his songs Chris Ellenwood becomes very relatable to his fans as they are living similar lives with similar struggles.  



As he prepares for his upcoming EP Panic Room, Chris Ellenwood has released the single “Stuck”.  The track is produced by ACR.  The mellow piano led beat lets the focus be on the lyrics.  There is a dark theme that creeps in as the story takes you down a path that few of us want to be trapped in.  The flow that Chris Ellenwood pours out is fierce and demands multiple listens.  Dive in and follow more thoughts at:

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