Cold Years Release New EP ‘Northern Blue’

Cold Years

Since forming in 2014, Cold Years have gone from strength to strength.


They’ve developed a great reputation for their blend of punk, Americana, and rock, which has been compared to the likes of Gaslight Anthem. With all members — Ross Gordon (vocals/guitar), Finlay Urquhart (guitar), Louis Craighead (bass) and Fraser Allan (drums) — coming from other bands, they have used their experience to bring confidence and conviction to what they create.


In this short space of time, they have already released the EPs Mile Marker (2015) and Death Chasers (2016). They’re filled with so many outstanding tracks, including “Death Chasers,” “Innocence,” and “The Waits.” Both EPs well received and garnered rave reviews from the likes of Kerrang! and Alt Press. They have also been wowing audiences with their live shows that have seen them travel across the UK and parts of Europe.


Not to let any momentum slide, Cold Years have now returned with their latest EP, Northern Blue. As soon as you press play you are instantly introduced to the energetic rock style that the band brings. The guitars at the start of “Seasons” thunder in before things slow down to let Gordon show off his vocal talents. Before you know it the guys kick in with their trademark sound and infectious hooks. They are so good you’ll be singing along before you know it.


Next up is their debut single “Miss You to Death.” This is a perfect example of how good these guys are and why you need to listen to their music. You can’t help but notice The Gaslight Anthem influence while listening, but they still put their own stamp on this creation. This anthemic track is one that will bring the house down when performed live. The chorus will have the crowd singing along. The emotional punch from the vocals married with the power from the band makes this something special.


“What I Lost” slows things down and shows that they can still deliver when they give a more controlled performance. It also gives the listener the opportunity to appreciate some great skills from the guitars.


The EP closes with “Final Call” and they have saved their best for last. Gordon’s vocals have always been impressive during each song, but this is when they really shine. The emotional tone is beautifully gentle, which sets the mood. The band reflects this soft atmosphere with an equally impressive performance. Just as you find yourself drifting along, the tempo changes to power this track home.

Cold Years are a Band to Watch, a Name You’ll be Hearing of More


While listening to Northern Blue in full, you can’t help but notice their influences. But, even with the likes of Springsteen and Hot Water Music shaping them, they have a strong songwriting ability to bring their own sound to our ears.


Cold Years manage to put together infectious hooks with great melodies to bring a pop-like feel, making the EP so accessible. They also have a no-nonsense edgy rock ‘n’ roll soul that can pack an emotional punch when needed. Add to this a singer with an impressive and captivating tone that can mirror the various moods from the lyrics and you get a band that is one to watch.


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