Collapsing Scenery Drops Bomb with “Deep State”

Collapsing Scenery

By Ibn-Umar Abbasparker of Indie Band Guru

What’s loud, noisy, and discordant? No, it’s not a broken car muffler. It’s “Deep State,” the latest single from experimental electronic band Collapsing Scenery.

The track is a chaotic mixture of jarring electronic sounds, booming drumbeats, and aggressive, howling vocals. While it may not be the most euphonious song, it possesses a rugged attitude at its core that’s sure to pique listeners’ interests.

Collapsing Scenery

Collapsing Scenery formed recently in 2015. Its current members are Reggie Debris and veteran musician Don Devore, who also plays in the band Sick Feeling.

In Devore’s latest project, he and Debris dive into the realm of electronica music equipped with samplers, synthesizers, sequencers, and drum machines. Since coming together, the duo has been touring and performing live shows all across the country. They’re gearing up for the eventual release of their debut album later this year. Until then, this song is out now on the Deep Space 7”.

“Deep Space” comes in soft with a series of clacking sounds. It then hits hard and is overtaken by pounding drumbeats and energetic cymbal crashes. Meanwhile, pulsing synth riffs march through the background and intersect with warbling, droning electronic sounds.

This amalgamation of noise creates harsh chords and melodies that give the song a highly cacophonous tone. Added to the mix are sequences of electronic loops spread throughout the song.

At the same time, Debris and Devore unite to unleash echoing, hollering vocals full of rebellious angst. The lyrics, presented in a pseudo-hip hop style that’s equal parts spitting and restrained screaming, match the collective intensity of the vocals by being deeply critical of American society and the political system. Lines such as “What does it all mean, the illusion of choice / Locked in a system where we have no voice?” toss a quasi-rap pipe bomb on the wealthy elite who run America behind the shadowy curtains.

In “Deep State,” Collapsing Scenery delivers a jagged, sonic avalanche onto listeners’ ears. Enjoy the ride… if you can handle it.

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