cosmicprank Shares All The ‘Good Old Bad News’


The music inside us often needs some motivation to work its way out. That push can come from many different sources. We must be willing to give that inspiration some dedication and see it through. Our recent discovery cosmicprank found his purpose and is now ready to put his music out into the world.

The musical project based in San Luis Obispo, California is the brainchild of Thomas Dente. As a true lover of music, cosmicprank absorbed elements from a profusion of styles and genres to put into his own sound. He expands the hip-hop genre with experimental beats very different from much of what is out there today. His lyrical flow is unique as well with its own smooth as smoke style which compliments his production, of which he does entirely his own.

Before cosmicprank began creating music he attended tons of rap battles in the Oakland and Los Angeles area while working on a Business Management Economics degree. He did a lot of DJing as well but needed some sort of tutelage to dive fully into recording his lyrics. That inspiration and motivation came hard as his friend and mentor Phil Lanzbom, known as PostPre passed away 1/1/2016.


Last year, cosmicprank released his debut Good Old Bad News. The 9 track record of EP-length puts his unique sound on full display. The opener “Infectious” is probably the most straight-up traditional hip-hop sounding song of the album. Maybe this is to suck in the listener with something familiar and ease them into some twists and turns. 



On “Touchdown” we are taken on a journey in sound with atmospheric echoing elements coming at your ears from all angles. The lyrical flow is sharp as a razor without being in your face. This almost laid-back vibe welcomes all comers. We get even deeper into experimentation with “Santa Cruz”. The beats are so different that it takes multiple listens to take it all in. There is a short story in the lyrics here as well about a wild night at college for the rapper.


cosmicprank Can Take Us Wherever He Wants To


There seems to be a dark vibe running through “Dissonance” with its almost creepy horror film tone. We turn again as “Man” brings us to a soulful jazz inspired place to enjoy a more positive vibe… probably the best track on the album.


We close the record with “Nihon” (Japanese for Japan) which brings us full circle to something that fits right along with the current hip-hop scene. The West Coast style can be heard here even if it is slowed down. This is an unclassifiable project and it is exactly how music is supposed to develop and morph into new and fresh sounds. 


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