Covey Feeds Nostalgia with “Same White Shoes”

Covey Same White Shoes

Nostalgia is the best and worst feeling everyone feels. Whether you’re remembering the best time of your life or the worst moment you can remember, you can feel a mix of emotions. In Covey’s recent single “Same White Shoes,” is somehow able to tie together all the feelings nostalgia can bring into a single song.

The song’s tone suggests guilt for the moment that has passed, but the chorus’ cheery “la la la” make the heavy situation feel more light hearted. While the song has more of a folk main flare, Covey clearly show their pop punk influences.

The Boston-based indie folk rock project has only a few singles out and no major label support but has amassed over 110,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. “Same White Shoes” announces Covey’s debut LP Haggarty, out September 22, 2017.

The vocals from frontman Tom Freeman pull the folk feeling in right away. The raspyness of his voice couples with the haunting harmonies creates that signature folk sound Covey has become known for. The perfectly times harmonies add contrast throughout the track while maintaining the overall loudness to the track.

Musically, the track is pretty simple. However, this allows you to focus on the lyrics which are the most impactful part of “Same White Shoes.”

A simple chord pattern on a slightly echoed electric guitar creates the perfect atmosphere for that nostalgic feeling the white shoes are bringing back. Overlaying on that is a simple and repetitive guitar riff adding the perfect counter melody that keeps attention on the lyrical masterpiece that Freeman is singing. The rhythm is kept simple with a little snare, tom, bass drum and high hat in lighter sections. This adds the perfect amount of percussion to keep the beat pushing though on the track.

The 10-track debut LP Haggarty maintains Covey’s signature folk sound that features pop punk influences with an indie rock flare. Much like “Same White Shoes” the LP deals with themes of isolation, nostalgia and navigating through distance and disarray.




<h2>Covey’s LP Haggarty will be available in CD, Vinyl, and limited Cassettes (which were put together personally by Freeman), and will be distributed digitally by Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes, and Google Play.</h2>

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